See the Light

The constellations of parols, and sparky hanging centipedes

A cold and busy season either delighting or confusing you and me.

Some folks say owning a god is uncool here in Diliman

But believe it or not, everyone’s turned into this annual fun.

Joy to the world–Darwin does doubt

Let earth receive a carpenter’s adopted kid?

But to all extent of madness we all love all of these:

Faith and myths, traditions and temptations, and Santa kiss.

How can a person greet the boy who’s already gone?

And believe the carolers confessing to a “Living One”

But we, traveling beggars and thumped prisoners in the dark

To the news of acceptance, meaning and peace we hark.

Oh, invisible Bethlehem, where are you?

Come and count the stars on our university avenue

We’re still singing that A.D.-old question:

What to give to this new born icon?

The baby who finds a haystack ceiling, not a glittery sky

The God who enamors time and space to send the Light.

Things are new and bright as the world listens to his first cry;

Salvation and love, born on that epic night.


Featured image of “Oblation” taken from UP Diliman Information Office. More photos at

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