A poem by Ms. Marah Jane Benitez

At times of trouble,

The moments you want to pop like a bubble,

Cross may not cross your mind,

know cause sometimes, my teeth will grind, yet hope, still I can’t find,

Bow to problems and cry,

My strength fails me and I ask why?

Knees would shake but to stand firm I’ll still try.

Where is love? Where is peace? Where is hope?

Your questions are as well my questions,

Blood in our hearts can’t seem to cope,

Was it fear? Was it frustration?

Shed some tear cause this will shed light,

For a perfect baby was born, thus,

Me, you, us, should stop being torn.

There’s love, there’s peace, there’s hope,

No other gift more awesome than the one He brought,

Greater than our imagination’s scope,

Love He’d shown when he gave His Son for our sins’ cost,

Greater than all the problems the world has,

This love is the reason why we have this thing we call CHRISTMAS.


PS: Read the words in bold. In times of hopelessness, just sing the song 🙂

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