With Child-Like Joy

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.

–Matthew 2:10

I love Christmas — it’s my most favorite time of the year. When I was young, I remember my excitement for the littlest details and the nitty-gritties of the season: what dress to wear on Mass, what goodies to find in the socks hanging by the window of our parents’ room (school socks, mind you!) and what Mom will cook for Noche Buena despite it being the usual holiday dishes!

However, for the past years, I have grown weary looking for something to look forward to on Christmas. It’s as if I don’t find the same joy in foods, gifts, friends, or events anymore. Christmas seemed like just another tradition before New Year. Perhaps this is what some people call “growing up,” but what is Christmas about, really?

That is, until I realized I was blinded by the fad of this world about Christmas. In my effort to give the nicest gifts to others and myself, I almost forgot the basics.

Thankfully, that was before. In the past three years, I’ve been celebrating Christmas more meaningfully than ever probably because I have had a more meaningful and personal relationship with the Birthday Celebrant. Also because I realized that more than anything else, it’s Jesus’ and not anyone else’s celebration.

Christmas is more than just a vacation with our loved ones, far more than the foods, decors, and gifts. It’s a season of love, hope, and faith. An opportunity to reflect on God’s Word. To seek more of His presence in our lives. To forgive even though it’s difficult. To love even the unlikely. To give with a willing heart. To pray. To celebrate with a joyous heart! Since God values our heart more than the outward self, let’s learn to ignore the facade of the world’s Christmas to honor a Celebrant of one.

This year, I find that God is again enlivening the child’s heart in me, the one who is excited and joyous for the coming season. Truly, it is the grandest celebration of all! After all, we have meals that suffice our soul and gifts that replenish our spirit. How blessed am I, for I’ve been living with this gift for the past three years.

They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

–Psalm 145:7

This Christmas, let us all rejoice and glorify Him with our songs of praises: Hallelujah, the King is born!


Article by Ms. Theresa Alfanza

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