Up, Down And Turned Around

I’m not a fan of noises so I would rather welcome the new year solemnly. A loving whisper of a new beginning is enough.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me in the past year and it sure would be again for the coming one and the next. I’m grateful for finishing another round of the ride, with the ups and downs and twists and turns, whew! I barely made it. Still, I thank God for the good things and the bad. They molded me into a better person, though I do not quite see it much myself.

I thank Him for never letting me go in the midst of my falling and failure; for being the One who holds me tight when I loosely held unto Him. And I’m still in the process of taking in all that just happened: remembering, reminiscing and realizing how God has been in every moment of my life.

With a cluttered mind similar to my room, it’s never been an ideal ending or start for me. Nevertheless, the new year has always made me excited for the better things ahead and anxious for the not. But I’m casting all the uncertainties to Him. May I learn to not only acknowledge that the Lord has always been trustworthy, but that I may truly trust Him completely with everything. Life is boring without surprises and the Lord’s good at that. Well, His surprises sure do catch me off guard but the Lord assures me (and you) that it always works out in the end (Jeremiah 29:11).

So to the only Way, Truth and Life, everything’s been possible and good because of You. May You always be the greatest gift I will ever have, Jesus.

And to the people God purposedly placed in my life, thank you for journeying with me. Unto the next chapter of our lives, we write… and we ride!

Thank You Lord for the little things like the spectacular fireworks displays around the neighborhood that overwhelms me, it makes me teary-eyed, and for the great ones.

May we all have a God-filled roller coaster ride this 2013.

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